A genus of protozoan parasites found in the intestines of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, including man. The oocysts produce two sporocysts, each with four sporozoites. Many species are parasitic in wild and domestic animals.


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of <b>Isospora</b> Schneider,

of Isospora Schneider,

Life cycle of <b>Isospora</b> belli

Life cycle of Isospora belli

Scale bar = 10 µm. a: <b>Isospora</b>

Scale bar = 10 µm. a: Isospora

<b>Isospora</b> araponga n.sp.,

Isospora araponga n.sp.,

<b>Isospora</b> belli Life Cycle From

Isospora belli Life Cycle From



<b>Isospora</b> belli oocysts

Isospora belli oocysts

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