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Cases reported "Paraganglioma"

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11/13. Abdominal pregnancy following total hysterectomy.

    This paper reports a case of ectopic abdominal pregnancy following total hysterectomy and reviews the literature. pregnancy following total hysterectomy is a rare event. Ectopic pregnancy following supracervical hysterectomy can be explained in view of the remaining patent cervical canal. In cases of total hysterectomy (abdominal or vaginal) two important factors to be considered are the persistence of a fistulous tract from the vaginal apex to the peritoneum and the prolapse of the fallopian tube into the vagina, creating a patent tract for spermatozoa. As long as some ovaries remain, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy must be entertained in the differential diagnosis of acute abdomen in a female.
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12/13. ventriculoperitoneal shunt infection masquerading as an acute surgical abdomen.

    Shunting of cerebrospinal fluid to the peritoneal cavity has brightened the outlook for children with hydrocephalus. Nine hundred sixty-nine primary ventriculoperitoneal shunts were inserted for hydrocephalus between 1970 and 1981. During this same period, 2205 shunt revisions were performed in 847 children, some of whose primary shunt had been inserted prior to 1970 or at other institutions. Nineteen patients with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt infection persented with abdominal pain, fever, and abdominal tenderness; each had acute peritonitis. Three underwent laparotomy with the preoperative diagnosis of appendicitis; however, only infected peritoneal fluid and nonobstructing adhesions were found. A fourth child underwent an unnecessary intestinal resection at another hospital and required prolonged nutritional support and treatment of severe postoperative complications. Fifteen children who presented with an "acute surgical abdomen" were managed with intravenous fluids, gastric decompression, antibiotics, and removal of the intraperitoneal shunt. External ventricular drainage was employed until the cerebrospinal fluid was sterile. The shunt was then internalized in the peritoneal cavity. The abdominal signs and symptoms improved after removing the peritoneal tubing in all children. This plan of therapy has eliminated unnecessary laparotomy in those who may require repeated procedures for control of hydrocephalus.
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13/13. Acute abdominal pain in the presence of hemi-corporeal neurosensory deficits.

    Acute abdominal conditions may be extremely difficult to diagnose in patients with spinal cord neurologic deficits. syringomyelia, and the surgical treatment of it, can cause an unusual distribution of neurosensory defects involving primarily pain and temperature sensation, and this can mask occult intraabdominal pathology. We report a case of acute abdominal pain in a patient previously treated with a syringo-pleural shunt for correction of a cervical syringomyelia and the difficulties in diagnosis that this presents.
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