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What is the most incident area with Rocky mountain fever?

Give me place?

the answer to this is easy ever where but rocky mountain  (+ info)

What type of tick is it that has Rockey Mountain Spotted Fever?

And oddly enough they are much more common in the Appalachian Mountains than in the Rockies.  (+ info)

Does anybody know anything about the rocky mountain spotted flu.?

It's Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever" and it's caused by a bacteria, not a flu virus.  (+ info)

Rocky mountain fever...?

My brother was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain fever. They told him today that his test came back positive. however, he got the ticks all over him last week (Tuesday or Wednesday i think). He's not sick, feels fine, and doesn't have a rash. all he has is the bumps were the ticks were. they seem to be healing fine (they are scabbing up in the middle like mine did when i was completely covered in ticks). So is it possible that the test came back wrong? Would it be ok to wait until Friday to go to the doctor to get treatment?

No. It is hightly unlikely that the test is incorrect. He needs to return to physician as scheduled. Sometimes the signs and symptoms don't appear right away but if the blood test is positive, those nasty little critters are working on it.

A few people who are infected may not develop a rash (Rocky Mountain spotless fever). The absence of a rash does not indicate a milder form of illness, but makes the condition more difficult to diagnose.

Latest, reliable information is available from Center For Disease Control. (http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/rmsf/)  (+ info)

rocky moutian spotted fever?

I had rocky moutain spotted fever and finished my antibiotics about three weeks ago. for about 3-5 days after that i felt better but then started felling sick again and has just gotten worse and i am still sick and feel like crap i was wondering if it was possible the anitbiotics didnt get rid of it all and its making me sick again or if maybe its somthing else my gramma thinks maybe mono i am on vaca at my granparents house right now almost 2000 miles from home lol so what a great time to be sick lol
I didnt just start feeling sick i started feeling sick again about 3-5 days after i stoped the antibiotics and its just getting worse and i didt have that much of a rash the first time anyways theres was a couple red blotches on my are and on blotch on my stomach but thats it idk maybe its somthing diffret it felt the same at first but now theres new symptoms i have this pulseing sound in my hand and feel it in my neck and hand like i have been running hard or somthing and it keeping me awake at night and i get really hot then really cold then really hot again and i have been getting headaches idk whats wrong anyone got any ideas??

  (+ info)

Does anyone have Rocky Mountain Tick Fever? Need to ask a few questions?

  (+ info)

does anyone out there suffer from Rocky mountain tick fever.?

My husband has discovered thru our dr. that he has RMTF

I'm sorry to hear that. If you want good, factual information on the disease:

http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/rmsf/index.htm  (+ info)

rocky mt spotted fever or hand foot and mouth disease?

okay im not a doctor and plan on taking my son to the doctor tomorrow morning asap...but i am worried sick about him. he is three years old and we live in the country so he has had tick bite. yesterday he came down with a fever very sudden 102 wont break just go down a little then i noticed he has spots on his feet not blisters spots and on his hands might be on his knees just a few though nothing in his mouth that i can see......he isnt really crabby just sick he has a headache i think because he keeps turning his light out and if i turn it out he covers his head with a pillow just a little help with be nice i am such an overprotected mother sometimes i hate it but you know i love him so :)

my daughter had hand foot and mouth disease (cox sacki) and she had hi temp and cranky. she had white sores in her mouth, they look like cankers. they were hard to see because they were in the back of her throat so you have to try and see back there. If it is cox sacki there is nothing they give b/c it is a virus and has to run its course, about 4-5 days. doctor said just give tylenol or motrin and if the pain is bad alternate meds. kids usually dont eat so try soup, ice cream/popsicles. good luck!  (+ info)

what is the early stage of rocky mount.spotted fever [1 week,2wks month]?

how long does it take if not treated to become not cureiable or fatal will itbe fatal if not found for a month or so then found and treated

The early symptoms of RMSF are, unfortunately, non-specific. After having been infected there can be a period of time before any symptoms begin ---known as the incubation period. For RMSF, there can be a period of 1-2 weeks before the first symptoms occur.
The first symptoms can include:
-fever, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and pains, headache, loss of appetite.
These symptoms, however, point to MANY MANY infectious and non-infectious diseases (that is why they are called non-specific symptoms)

About 2-5 days after the onset of fever, a rash commonly appears (though 10-15% of people don't get a rash). The 3 symptoms/signs of RMSF (fever, rash, and tick bite --- though in many cases the tick is never found).

The rash can be fairly specific and an excellent explanation of the rash and its development can be found here:

Antibiotics have drastically reduced the number of people who die from RMSF.  (+ info)

Where can i buy Rocky Mountain Oysters?

I live in the Manchester, NH area, and i would love to get my friend some Rocky Mountain Oysters (bull testicles) as a gag gift for his birthday dinner. Does anybody have any idea where I can get my hands on some?

good luck with the hands  (+ info)

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