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Lymes disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever people...Help!?

I'm 18 years old. I've been battling Rocky Mountain Spotted fever for over a year a now! I never got the rash, or seen the tick, but my symptoms include...Horrible muscle, body, bone aches, whatever you want to call it in random places and random times. Stiff arms, cramping feelings, nausea after eating, and random times through out the day. I get really bad cramps then have a bowl movement sometimes. I feel like I have a bowl movement every time I eat. I'm also suffering anorexia from the RMSF, it has made me loose all sense of appetite, I force food down my throat, I've lost so much weight, just by not having an appetite, and the fear that I feel so sick after eating. My weight has dropped tremendously, everyone’s noticing a difference. I have headaches, but not that bad. I have a horrible sensitivity to light. I'm always sleepy, like I can't get enough. I have twitches, and sometimes it feels like something is crawling up my skin, typically on legs and arms. I have two lumps on my neck, the doctor, things it's pulled muscles from my muscles being so rough on it all the time, or lymph nodes from all the infection. They've been there for probably about nine months. All my symptoms seem to be worse when stressing out about it. I go back to the doctor Monday, for my couple of month check-up's. I've taken a bunch of rounds of anti-biotic, and wont seem to go away! After taking the anti-biotic, I feel great for a month, or even more, then my symptoms come back. I can't stand this, it has me scared all the time. I just want to know if anyone else is going through what I am, what their symptoms are, and what the difference between RMSF and Lyme’s is...

Your symptoms sound more like Lyme disease than Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. You might also have what are called "co-infections"--other nasty stuff you can get from the same tick bite that gave you Lyme.

You really need to see a Lyme specialist. Alas, you many have to travel to see one. There aren't that many of them around.

Good sources of info about Lyme disease:
  (+ info)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever disease?

I need help finding out information so i kno my great grandpa is okay, i am very worried. i care for him alot and he means the world to me. so it would be VERYY helpful if i could have some answers.

1.Where are its most common victims?
2. What are the most effective weapons on them?
3. Is this disease considered dangerous?

Thank you soo much. it mean alot to me and my grandpa.

RMSF is a very serious disease. In the US the most common places where you see it is in the Southeastern states and Oklahoma.
Tetracyclines are the drug of choice.  (+ info)

is rocky mountain spotted fever a disease or virus?

Rocky mountain spotted fever is a disease frequently found in the north and south america, africa and few parts of europe.

the disease is caused by a bacteria named as "Rickettsia rickettsii" which is spread to human by the Hard tick.

Initial symptoms includes fever, nausea, malaise, emesis, headache, muscle pain etc. Late symptoms includes maculopapular rash(Characteristic of the disease), joint pain, abdominal pain etc.

the drug of choice is Doxycycline (For adults, 100 mg every 12 hours. For children under 45 kg [100 lb], 4 mg/kg body weight per day in two divided doses).  (+ info)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Is it possible to get RMSF from a tick in Las Vegas or is it only in Woodland/Rocky areas? Can someone please tell me a bit about it? (not from wikipedia - i've already been on there) Any personal stories?
Thanks Kate for you answer. I'm actually Australian too, not American. I do a bit of travelling over there though and was curious to know the answer to the question. I'm really seeking to see whether or not it is in states like Las Vegas.
Correction: States such as Nevada.

No personal stories because I live in Australia butr I could tell you what I do know about it. You can only contract it if you are in America (wich you have said you were).
The symptoms are Fever, headache, muscle pain, weakness, nausea, sometimes abdo pain and cough. so pretty much flu type symptoms
You can also sometimes get pimples and flat red spots on your hands and feet
You can only get it by the bite of a tick the type of tick is a 'dog tick' it takes sometimes 2 weeks for symptoms to occur and can last for unpto 3 weeks.. It is very easily treated if you go to your Dr but if left untreated it can lead to organ failure and eventully death..

Hope this helped  (+ info)

is rocky mountain spotted fever contagious? if so, what would be the ways it's transmitted?

It's transmitted by tick bites usually. It's not contagious.

http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/Rocky-Mountain-Spotted-Fever  (+ info)

has anybody else had rocky mountain spotted fever or had a relative that had it and lived?

I had it about 8 years ago and im still dealing with the afteraffects of it . so im looking for others that are dealing too.

well, i didn't have that but I had ehrlychiosis, (i'm sure i spelled it wrong) and it was horrible. The worst pain I have ever felt. 10 times worse than the flu. After the first two weeks of sheer torture, I was sick for about 6 months. Mainly lots of fatigue and feeling blah. It was horrible.  (+ info)

I need info on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever please.?

I have already looked up the causes, symtoms, and cures.
i need to know who this effects and survival rates please.
thank you

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocky_Mountain_Spotted_Fever  (+ info)

Rocky mountain spotted fever?

What can be done to prevent it from spreading and can you get it multiple times

RMSF is a tick borne disease, so your best bet would be to avoid tick bites. Apply generous amounts of bug spray when going into the woods or near brush, wear long sleeves and pants if it is cool enough. The most important preventative measure would be to examine yourself for ticks when you return from the outdoors, such as armpits, groin, legs, etc.

And yes, you can get RMSF more than once.  (+ info)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever blood test?

My sons Dr. thought he might have RMSF b/c he had fever 104.5 and major headache. He got a tick off him 6 days before fever. Started on doxycline and blood test came back neg. for RMSF. He never did get a rash, but he started meds within 24hrs of headache and high fever. He had gotten better fever and headache were gone. He had taken med. for 4 days. He went off med. and 3 days later his headache is back. Could the test results be wrong and how hard is it confirm with blood test? Could he have RMSF?

Yes, tests can always be wrong. Take him back to the doctor, he'll re-run the test(s). Did the doctor worry about meningitis at all?

--There are actually a few dozen zoonotic bacterial infections caused by ticks. Your doctor should be testing you for the common ones in the area. But, doxy does treat most of them.  (+ info)

is rocky mountain spotted fever more common in men or women???


It is more common in men than in women.  (+ info)

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