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Is a Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever a Disease?

is it a disease or not?

Yes, it is a disease you can get from ticks.  (+ info)

Can Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever be treated with homeopathy only?

No. No serious diseases, infections, or illnesses should be treated with homeopathy only. Homeopathy is to supplement traditional treatments. The main treatment should be administered by a traditional, western medicine doctor. Homeopathy should be used only to supplement the traditional, basic treatment.  (+ info)

how life threatening is rocky mountain spotted fever if it had run for 3 weeks and your body had went in toxic

I know someone that was very sick for 3 weeks and they have finally dianosed him with rocky mountain spotted fever but he had went into toxic shock and he is still on life support and his fever is down but he is very confused so they have to keep him sedated just wondering does anyone know much about this will he pull thru you think?

Hes very sick. They prob. have him on heavy IV anitbiotics and pain meds. Doctors ususally keep people sedated so that they can rest and let their bodies heal. This isnt very uncommon however it is serious. My son had RMSF and was on IV anitbiotics and was ok. His did not go for 3 weeks untreated nor was he sedated. I do wish you and your friend the best.  (+ info)

My dad has ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER...he is pooping out blood?

My dad was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever about a week ago. He's taking medication for it (a pill named doxycycline).

Today, my mother informed me that he had bloody feces. I've searched everywhere on the internet, yet I can't find any information regarding this to RMSF.


that could only be a side-effect of the medication, but you could call a doctor or make another app. im not a doctor and dont know much about that fever. but make sure he gets chacked out by a Dr. again  (+ info)

does your niple fall of if you get rocky mountain spotted fever?

Are you serious. Is that a real desiese? i just wikipdiaed it and it is real.. It didnt say it falls off so i say no... here are side affects:
Initial symptoms may include:

severe headache
muscle pain
lack of appetite
Later signs and symptoms include:

maculopapular rash
petechial rash
abdominal pain
joint pain  (+ info)

Do people still get Rocky Mountain spotted fever?

Absolutely. I have a friend who got it last summer from a tick bite. He didn't go to the doctor soon enough, and was hospitalized for six weeks with IV antibiotics. Oral antibiotics will stop it when you catch it early, but it can be serious if it goes too far without treatment.  (+ info)

Rocky Mountain Spotted fever?

My doctor just diagnosed me with Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, which I think is impossible. The incubation period is 1-2 weeks. I've had this bite since June (nearly six months now) and it would flare up and every now and then.

So according to the Rocky Mountain symptoms... I would be dead now. Since i have had it so long. I am not nauseous, have a rash, throwing up, running a fever, having abdominal pain, or anything. I was convinced it was lyme disease because my severe fatigue and slow process. My bite also looks like the typical "bulls-eye" form that is associated with lyme disease.

This same doctor told me two months ago "it was just a bug bite" and gave me cream for it. After I told him about my fatigue and it was a TICK BITE. Shouldn't he have automatically asked for a blood test the first time around??

I am just concerned this doctor is misdiagnosing me again. I know I would get the same treatment (doxycycline) but I would also like to see a lyme disease specialist if it really is lyme disease, I want to determine if it is chronic.

Did my doc diagnosis me with Rocky Mountain to avoid getting in trouble for not diagnosing me with Lyme Disease since it could be chronic? Rocky Mountain is lethal, but if I don't have the symptoms and it requires the same treatment...

What do you think??

I think it might be time to go to another doctor. If you want a specialist, you might consider going to an infectious disease specialist who will test you for both of these and then you will have an answer. I think your first doctor was irresponsible not testing your for Lyme's Disease when you had a known tick bite.  (+ info)

what are the sumptoms of rocky mountain spotted fever caused by a tick bite?

Initial signs and symptoms of the disease include sudden onset of fever, headache, and muscle pain, followed by development of rash. The disease can be difficult to diagnose in the early stages, and without prompt and appropriate treatment it can be fatal.  (+ info)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Threat?

Is there anyone knowledgeable on the subject, who could tell me what the threat is like today for catching Rocky Mountain spotted fever?

For those of you who don't know what it is, I should tell you that it is prevalent throughout most of North America, not just the mountains.

There is this quote on Wikipedia:

"There are only 800 cases reported in the U.S. a year and only 20% find the tick."

800 cases. That's a lot, if you ask me.

I know that less than 5% of people who catch it today die from it... but can anyone tell me more details on the threat level of this disease?

You best bet is the CDC in Atlanta. They should be able to come up with a number.  (+ info)

Do I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Ok, In the past 2 days I have found 3 ticks on my head. They were brown and small. Now today I have a rash like right between my eyebrows, my left and right wrists, my left eye, the left side of my lip and on the bottom of my chin. I looked Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever up and it said that you will get a rash. So do I have it? Thnx for all your help! :) ~ Levi
The rash that was on my chin has spread half-way down my neck. And there is another rash on the right side of my lip.

It is possible although Lyme Disease is also highly probable. Your doctor can draw blood to confirm or deny that. It will not show up in your blood for up tp 6 weeks but they can start you on antibiotics as soon as they see you. Get it checked out!!  (+ info)

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