GTA IV [PC] - "Car Speedup" Fun at LS Airport on IV San Andreas (HD):

This is actually an HD test video, testing out my new video renderer that renders better quality in HD. I just used the Car Speedup feature in the trainer cause it's fun to mess with :D This...  ...  (+ info)

Como jogar GTA SAN ANDREAS no MOTO G sem travar/Lag - Android 4.3:

Mais informaçoes em A imagem do jogo perde um pouco de qualidade, mas a jogabilidade melhora e muito.  ...  (+ info)

GTA San Andreas ENB Grafik Mod Perfekt Einstellen part 1/2 - HD Hilfevideo by OndyTHX:

ENB Grafik Mod part 2/2 ENB Home San Andreas ENB Mods ORIGINALS! GTA San Andreas Profi Moder Pack ...  ...  (+ info)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: "Razor" Ford Mustang GT Road Test:

"Razor" Ford Mustang was converted to GTA SA from Need For Speed Most Wanted by Zolo. download link: ...  ...  (+ info)


Sorry for the massive lags but when I did this video I had a very old PC with very very small RAM, on a PC with bigger RAM those problems shouldn't be reported. The mods have been downloaded...  ...  (+ info)

Fix GTA San Andreas Radio Lag:

A lot of people have problem with GTA San Andreas (Whenever they enter a car except for those which don't have radio the game lags for about 5 secs) Here;s how to fix it. Very Easy just create...  ...  (+ info)

Mod do carro brasileiro Renault Megane Sedan para GTA San Andreas:

Link do mod: - Mod do carro brasileiro Renault Megane Sedan para GTA San Andreas.  ...  (+ info)

Motorola Moto G (Android 4.4.2 KitKat) - Gameplay GTA San Andreas / Gráficos no HIGH:

LEIA A DESCRIÇÃO ! Fala galera neste vídeo trago um gameplay do GTA SA rodando muito bem no Moto G com os gráficos no High, e já atualizado para a versão 4.4.2 KitKat do android, que...  ...  (+ info)

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