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GTA San Andreas - FPS Testing Several Higher Poly Car Mods [720pᴴᴰ]:

I recently got my copy of San Andreas back, and right away I wanted to test and see what car models this computer could handle. I've provided the .DFF (mod...  ...  (+ info)

GTA San Andreas PS2 VS PC [Part 1] [Comparison]:

Differences Between PS2 and PC Versions. Don't forget to turn annotations on to see corrections. Have any questions? Feel free to post them in comments secti...  ...  (+ info)

B-52 Stratofortress GTA San Andreas:

New mod and epic lag, enjoy xD.  ...  (+ info)


Tutorial zu Lag-Shot [IGNORE]EXTRA TAGS[IGNORE] GTA, Grand Theft Auto,Car, Skin, Best, GTA IV, Vice City, Server,Desert Eagle Skill, Slide-Walk,C-Bug, Elegy....  ...  (+ info)

GTAIV - Glock 9mm pistol as AR (M4/AK47) & Mini Survival MOD:

GTAIV First of all: Weaponinfo.xml, modified to be able to use a Assault Rifle Skin as the 9mm Glock handgun:  ...  (+ info)

Gta San Andreas On Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Test Low-High Quality Graphics:

Download Link: English Blog: Indonesia Blog:http://gta-san-andreas-android.blogsp... Data+APK 1,8GB Extract 2,5 GB Wo...  ...  (+ info)

GTA San Andreas Gameplay on iPhone 5S (iOS):

Recently Rockstar Games released GTA San Andreas for iOS Devices and here's my gameplay video shown on the iPhone 5S. The game ran smoothly without any issue...  ...  (+ info)

GTA - San Andreas - OFFLINE - Remove BLUR MOD - PC - 2013:

If you need any help or want me to know about your comment just contact me letting me know about it for a more immediate response - NSXLM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK This ...  ...  (+ info)

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