...  (+ info)

Trendelenburg Gait Demonstration:

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Trendelenburg Gait:

Classic Trendelenburg Gait (lurch). As you can see she cannot keep the RIGHT hip 'up' when she's standing on the LEFT leg (during the RIGHT leg 'swing phase'). This is caused by the weakness...  ...  (+ info)

5.2. Abductor Lurch/ Gluteus Medius Gait & Trendelenburg Gait - Mid Stance Abnormalities:

Remaining videos of this series : This series of videos explains the components of normal human gait during walking,...  ...  (+ info)

Trendelenburg gait: Huntington Physical Therapy 25703:

Http:// Pt. demonstrating trendelenburg gait on the right hip and significant valgus on the left knee. We added canes for safety and look at the improvement in gait.  ...  (+ info)

Pilates Rehabilitation : EP33 : Correcting Trendelenburg Gait:

Chrissy goes over foot work exercises that can help clients with Trendelenburg Gait.  ...  (+ info)

Trendelenburg Gait - Anatomy Tutorial:

Http:// A snippet of the Gluteal Region anatomy tutorial presented by Professor Vishy Mahadevan. PhD FRCS FRCS(Ed) on The Funky Professor. This is a Human Anatomy...  ...  (+ info)

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