ECCE for the Phaco Surgeon:

This video demonstrates a technique for extracapsular cataract surgery that can be easily learned and successfully performed by an experienced phaco surgeon....  ...  (+ info)

Cataract Surgery 3D Animation O. Findl, MD, Vienna:

Cataract surgery 3D computer animation explained by Oliver Findl, MD. For more details, go to  ...  (+ info)

Combined Trabeculectomy and extracapsular cataract extraction 1992:

Combined Trabeculectomy and extracapsular cataract extraction 1992 recorded at Ege University. This video posted for the records Prof.Mahmut Kaskaloglu www.k...  ...  (+ info)

Extra Capsular Cataract Surgery or ECCE:

The safety of ECCE over Phacoemulsification in Hard cataracts, Shallow anterior Chamber, Poor corneal endothelial health and old age.  ...  (+ info)

Small incision sutureless intracapsular cataract surgery (SISI).mp4:

Dr Strauss - Mercy Ships Ophthalmologist, performs small incision sutureless intracap (SISI) procedure, for dislocated cataract in a young patient with Marfa...  ...  (+ info)

Penetrating keratoplasty (PK) ,cataract extraction ,IOL (Triple procedure):

Keratoplasty , extracapsular cataract extraction with pupillary dilator , capsular stain and iol implantation.  ...  (+ info)

Small incision ECCE (Igo eye clinic, Yuki Mawatari M.D.):

English / Chinese ▽ English Complications such as posterior capsule rupture, vitreous loss, nucleus drops, damage to the corneal endothelium are likely to oc...  ...  (+ info)

3. Intracapsular Cataract Extraction - Common Eye Surgeries - Dr. Basak:

See full description --- Common Eye Surgeries by Dr. Samar K. Basak These are videos are from the CD provided along with the textbook "Essentials of Opht...  ...  (+ info)

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