CVT Variator Basics:

A look at CVT variators and how they work.  ...  (+ info)

KidNme CVT Clutch & Variator Explained in HD!:

Another Easy tutorial only from KidNme!! learn it all in under 4 minutes! :-) For more detailed help, Visit and we'll walk you through most...  ...  (+ info)

Continuous Variable Transmission (cvt) explained:

An internal look of a variator, a part of a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission). What you see here are both a side view and a frontal view of the ACTIVE v...  ...  (+ info)

Project 49 - Hoca Performance Variator Tests - 49cc 2T Scooter CVT Modifications:

A group of tests showing how the Hoca performance variator performs and how it can be setup to achieve different results. This video illustrates the differen...  ...  (+ info)

CVT Transmission Hydraulic Control:

CVT Hydraulic Control Get the book here: A basic way that the TCM controls the two con...  ...  (+ info)

Easy, fast, cheap CVT Variator removal - no special tools:

Variator nut removal will crank your engine here is an easy and cheap way to stop the engine from moving so the nut can be removed. Don't forget a thumbs up ...  ...  (+ info)

CVT JAPANESE UMBRELLA Belt variator by Artamonoff Technologies:

Http:// CVT JAPANESE UMBRELLA Belt variator by Artamonoff Technologies.  ...  (+ info)

Baotian CVT Transmisson at Work:

A full video showing the inner workings of the 139qma/qmb transmisson system. Shows the how the belt, clutch and variator work. All CVT scooter transmissons ...  ...  (+ info)

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