Kendra 1RM Deadlift of 235#:

StrengthFit athlete, Kendra, setting a new one rep max on the deadlift. She is a congenital amputee and has to wrap a chain around the bar in order to make t...  ...  (+ info)

Paralympian Oksana Masters wears heels for the first time, prepares to accept big award:

It's a kind of "Cinderella moment" for Louisvillian Oksana Masters who won bronze in the paralympics in London. She is heading to New York to pick up another...  ...  (+ info)

Louisville woman to compete in 2012 Paralympic Games -

Http:// A dream is about to become reality for a Louisville woman who is headed to the 2012 Paralympics in ...  ...  (+ info)

Golden Fleece - Egg On Legs:

Eskimo Recordings presents 'The Pink Collection'. Out now! iTunes Juno Beatport  ...  (+ info)

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