Williams Syndrome Awareness:

The Arizona Canyon Region Spring picnic was organized for families and individuals born with the genetic disorder Williams Syndrome. For more information on ...  ...  (+ info)

Living with Williams Syndrome:

17-year-old, George Rautenbach, who has Williams syndrome proves to us in this interview that he too can excel and enjoy life just like you and me.  ...  (+ info)

Music Therapy helps a Child with Williams Syndrome Tolerate Loud Sounds:

Please sign up for my newsletter for free resources and tips at Music Therapy helps a child with Williams Syndrome tolerate lou...  ...  (+ info)

A Beautiful Mystery (Williams Syndrome) - 60 Minutes Australia 2004:

Story on Williams Syndrome by Peter Overton of 60 Minutes Australia. Originally aired on August 8, 2004. 8:46 "Hey yo!" That's what joy looks like. They're t...  ...  (+ info)

Where Everybody Wants to Be Your Friend:

Part 1: Children with Williams Syndrome may be the friendliest you'll ever meet.  ...  (+ info)

Cutest kid ever -Williams syndrome:

Sophia is three and was diagnosed with Williams syndrome at age 1. Learn more about these musically gifted children at  ...  (+ info)

Daniel Levitin talks about Williams Syndrome on CTV's Pulse News:

Daniel Levitin talks about Williams Syndrome on CTV's Pulse News. Broadcast Date: December 2001 Add Daniel Levitin on Facebook:  ...  (+ info)

Harry. Williams Syndrome WS:

My son Harry, he has just turned 4 here. He has williams syndrome. He is singing nursery rhymes to me and just being crazy as usual :)  ...  (+ info)

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