Distal Radius Fracture Repair with Volar Plate Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Alejadro Badia:

Get help for Distal Radius Fracture Repair contact Dr. Alejandro Badia Orthopedic Hand Surgeon - Badia Hand to Shoulder Center Doral, Miami Florida Dr. Aleja...  ...  (+ info)

Visido - 3D Medical Animation - Volar Distal Radial Plate:

ABOUT US: Combining state-of-the-art laser scanning technology with leading-edge software and years of exp...  ...  (+ info)

Distal Radius Fractures:

Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Distal Rdaius Fractures from the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.  ...  (+ info)

Surgical Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures:

An animated description of surgical fixation of distal radius fractures. Visit for more info and videos.  ...  (+ info)

GEMINUS Fossa Specific Volar Plating System.mp4:

This video shows the Extended FCR Approach for distal radius fractures as described by Jorge L. Orbay, M.D. of the Miami Hand & Upper Extremity Institute in ...  ...  (+ info)

Unstable Extra-articular Distal Radial Fractures - Kwire vs Plating - by Dr Martin Blum:

Western Health Journal Club.  ...  (+ info)

Distal Radius Fractures:

Dr. Warhold describes the treatment options for this common type of break. Plus, learn about advancements in using the plating/screw approach, which allows y...  ...  (+ info)

Diagnosing and Possible Treatment for Distal Radius Fracture Explained by Dr. Thomas Trumble:

Distal radius fractures, in the forearm closer to the hand, are the most common fractures in the body. In many cases, they can be treated with a cast or brac...  ...  (+ info)

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