Medical thoracoscopy/pleuroscopy:

This educational video is provided to you by the European Respiratory Society. It demonstrates how to perform 'medical thoracoscopy' or 'pleuroscopy', introd...  ...  (+ info)

Visceral Pleura - Pulmonary Leakage Sealant Device:

This 3D medical animation demonstrate the preparation of a single use applicator device intended for application to visceral pleura during an open thoracotom...  ...  (+ info)

VATS pleural biopsy talk pleurodesis:

Υποτροπιάζουσα ΠΛευριτική συλλογή αγνώστου αιτιολογίας σε 55χρονη ασθενή. Θωρακοσκοπική βιοψία του υπεζωκότα η οποία φανέρωσε μεσοθηλίωμα και πλευροδεσία με ...  ...  (+ info)


Via YouTube Capture.  ...  (+ info)

Louis I. Astra, MD, FACS:

West Coast Medical Group Surgical Institute welcomes Louis I. Astra, MD, FACS. Dr. Astra is a cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon as well as a general surgeo...  ...  (+ info)

Needle biopsy of lung nodules:

  ...  (+ info)

Pleuroscopy in a case of pneumothorax:

  ...  (+ info)

Pleuroscopy (thoracoscopy) Hong Kong 胸腔鏡:

Diagnosis and treatment (pleurodesis) in one session under local anaesthesia.  ...  (+ info)

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