RE: Gallstones Referred Pain?:

From: Can you show us the reflex point for the scapula? Gallstones can sometimes cause a referred pain in the region of th...  ...  (+ info)

Personal Injury Doctor Atlanta - How the Gallbladder Causes Back Pain:

Http:// Dr. Guevara 678-223-3900 If you're suffering from mid back pain and have tried different treatments to no avail, you may wa...  ...  (+ info)

Ask Dr. Bob: Chlorine, Gallstones, Right Shoulder Pain, & Reverse Osmosis Water:

You have heard me speak about left neck and shoulder pain, but what about right neck and shoulder pain? I go into that question plus many more in this episod...  ...  (+ info)

RE: Pain Around Scapula:

From: along with my back being so tense, i have somewhat of a numbness that comes and goes on my left shoulder blade a...  ...  (+ info)

Explaination of 'Referred pain' symptoms:

Dr. Spina describes the most commonly proposed neurological explanation for the creation of referred pain symptoms at an F.A.P. 'SPINE' seminar For seminar i...  ...  (+ info)

Referred pain:

Why does your right shoulder hurt with liver trouble? Is this a mix up in the telephone exchange? A cartoon look at the neuropathology of referred pain. Part...  ...  (+ info)

Gall Stones - How You an Be Affected By Gall Stones:

Gall Stones can lie undiagnosed for years. However, if gall stones move and lodge in the biliary tree they can cause considerable pain and trouble. Understan...  ...  (+ info)

Gallbladder Pain: Dramatic improvement with Percussion Therapy:

Learn how Percussion Therapy can help alleviate gallbladder & gallstone pain! DISCLAIMER Our staff and our customers featured on ...  ...  (+ info)

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