Painting with Gel-10 silicone:

This is the completed silicone casting from the 74-30 mold making video we posted last month. This is just some quick eye candy but feel free to check out our other videos for more info on...  ...  (+ info)

Special Effects: Painting Gel-10 head with more Gel-10:

Here's a quick overview of the Gel-10 painting process. For more information on molding, casting, and painting Gel-10 check out our DVD Fundamentals Of Silicone Skins.  ...  (+ info)

Mold Making and Casting: Silicone Hand Part 2:

How to paint a Gel-10 hand guesed it... more Gel-10.  ...  (+ info)

Special Effcts Tip: Making a silicone hand:

Here's a simple way to make a prop hand using Gel-10 silicone poured directly into an alginate mold. The finished cast may then be painted with more Gel-10 mixed with silicone pigments.  ...  (+ info)

Bottled-Face Makeup Tutorial - overview:

More Info: Hey guys! This was inspired by a bottled-face wound I saw on Reddit (in the WTF subreddit). I'll link this reference image below. It is an encapsulated silicone piece. I will upload...  ...  (+ info)

Makeup FX: prepainting a gel-00 appliance:

This is a PlatSil Gel-00 appliance cast in a hydrocal mold. Appliance was painted with thickened(tinthix) Gel-10 mixed with concetrated silicone pigments.  ...  (+ info)

Mold Making Tip: Gel-10 softened with Silicone Fluid:

Softening Platsil Gel-10 with silicone fluid.  ...  (+ info)

Life Size Silicone Anjelica Huston Celebrity Figure - The Witches 1990 - Wax Museum:

The Making Of A Lifesize Silicone Anjelica Huston. Come Join The Grand High Witch Fan Club! Follow The Link! - - - - life size, wax museum, figure,...  ...  (+ info)

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