Ophthalmology: tropias versus phorias:

This video shows animated cartoons demonstrating the difference between a tropia and a phoria. We go over the cover-uncover test and the cross-cover test. Th...  ...  (+ info)

Ophthalmology Lecture - Tropias & Phorias (part 1/2):

Http:// This presentation demonstrates an approach to eye-movement disorders commonly seen in an ophthalmology or optometry clinic. This is...  ...  (+ info)

Ophthalmology Lecture Tropias & Phorias part 2 2):

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Tropia vs foria:

Video educativo que trata de mostrar las diferencias al aplicar el Cover Test para medir una tropia y una foria Music by grapes  ...  (+ info)

V-Flex Hero Grayson Howard:

Grayson is 7 years old and has ocular motor dysfunction, specifically alternating exotropia and intermittent esotropia. His dysfunctions are being addressed ...  ...  (+ info)

Cover Test - Cover/Uncover Test:

A quick demo of how a cover test and a cover-uncover test is done on someone with a latent strabismus (exophoria)  ...  (+ info)

Phoria & Tropia:

الفحص يتم بالنظارة وبدون النظارة - عند الفحص بالنظارة ولم يتحسن شيء فيعني غالباً حاجتة المريض لعملية تصحيحيه - الفحص أيضاً يتم على القريب والبعيد.  ...  (+ info)

Ophthalmology Lecture Tropias & Phorias part 1 2):

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