BRB, NEED BRAIN SURGERY!!! (3.6.12 - Day 1041):

Limited edition CTFxC poster here: shirts & hoodies will be back soon!! Yesterday's video: Twitter: ht...  ...  (+ info)

Marlin Janus - Ektoplazmic Surgery (Part 2):

Ektoplazmic Surgery is a special DJ mix recorded by German DJ Marlin Janus from Mitnal Records featuring 100% Creative Commons music downloaded from Ektoplaz...  ...  (+ info)

HIP SURGERY (iPhone Gameplay Video):

Lonnie plays Hip Surgery - Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay Video) This is part 1 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of "Let's play Hip Surg...  ...  (+ info)

Lets Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Part 5 - The Worst Surgeon Ever! [Surgeon Simulator Playthrough]:

Next Part - Lets Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Part 5. Be sure to Like the video if you would like to see more of these and thank...  ...  (+ info)

Girl Living With Half Her Brain:

Http:// I really hope she grows up without any problems, must be scary for the family.  ...  (+ info)

VSG 01- Pre-Op video - Operation is today, scared shitless! (Sleeve Gastrectomy) - Sep 16 2013:

Pre-Operation video - The day of surgery - September 16th 2013 Video taken on 16.09.13 - I'm sorry for the incoherent speech at times, I was very stressed ou...  ...  (+ info)

Head and Neck Surgery: Ask Dr. Kenneth Newkirk:

Dr. Kenneth Newkirk answers commonly asked questions about head and neck surgery, including how robotic surgery has advanced treatment. Click 'show more' to ...  ...  (+ info)

SH*T TALKING MY TUMOR! (10.26.13 - Day 1640):

Pok√©mon video here: Uncensored Brain Surgery here: Signed Posters, Phone cases, shirts!! http://CTFxC...  ...  (+ info)

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