First Period - Animated stop motion film, NID:

A short animated stop-motion film on menstruation and spreading awareness. Shivani and Sayani are best friends. One day in school, Shivani has her first period. Her classmates, unaware of...  ...  (+ info)

Ovulation (v.1):

UPDATE: There is an updated version of this animation! Check it out here: Animation of chronic diseases at  ...  (+ info)

Menstrual Cycle Hormone Lecture:

Mr. Martin discusses how hormones intergrate the events of the mestrual cycle.  ...  (+ info)

Walt Disney - The Story of Menstruation (1946 - Restored):

"The Story of Menstruation" is a 1946 10-minute American animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was commissioned by the International Cello-Cotton Company (now Kimberly-Clark)...  ...  (+ info)

MENSTRUAL CYCLE - Tamil animated video:

This video is edited one. Edited & narrated by Yuvaprageeth Premaranjan For medical exhibition 2012 at UOJ.  ...  (+ info)

Lily Cup Compact: The Menstrual Cup Reinvented | Kickstarter:

Http:// Intimina has launched Lily Cup Compact - the world's only collapsible menstrual cup. Join #TeamMenstrualCup for a healthier, more comfortable, and more...  ...  (+ info)

The menstrual cycle and your body's natural signal of fertility - cervical mucus:

The Billings Ovulation Methodâ„¢ is a natural method of managing your fertility. It teaches you to recognise your body's natural signal of fertility - cervical mucus. This animation explains...  ...  (+ info)

Diva Cup animated ad:

This is an ad I made for a project for my consumer psychology class in 2011. Enjoy =)  ...  (+ info)

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