Wild Lettuce: Lactuca Virosa And Serriola With Garden:

My garden with close ups of the wild lettuce (a.k.a opium lettuce). Lactuca virosa and lactuca serriola are shown. Lactucarium can be extracted from these pl...  ...  (+ info)

Lactuca Silvestre - Lactuca Virosa - Lactuca serriola - Lechugas de opio:

For watch it in english or other lenguage, set subtitles in the player)  ...  (+ info)

Lactuca virosa 2:

Plants of future ( GRIN - Taxonomic information (  ...  (+ info)

Wild Lettuce and Lactuca Virosa Guide:

Wild Lettuce Lactuca Virosa, Wild Lettuce Extract, and Prickly Lettuce --- Discover the best source of wild lettuce or lactuca inf...  ...  (+ info)

Lactuca Virosa???:

Wild Lettuce, Lactuca Virosa, Lechuga Salvaje, Laitue Vireuse???. I need some help, I found them in my backyard n' I can't identify 'em. It has a milky fluid...  ...  (+ info)

Wild Lettuce Leaf and Sap Harvesting:

The variety I'm finding is native Lactuca canadensis, also called Canada Wild Lettuce. In my experience, the leaves in a salad have much more value than any ...  ...  (+ info)

EatTheWeeds: Episode 59: Sonchus (Sow Thistle not Lactuca):

Http:// Learn about wild food with Green Deane about the wild lettuce (Lactuca) the ancestor...  ...  (+ info)

Wild Lettuce / Lactuca canadensis:

  ...  (+ info)

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