Lactuca virosa 2:

Plants of future ( GRIN - Taxonomic information (  ...  (+ info)

Wild Lettuce: Lactuca Virosa And Serriola With Garden:

My garden with close ups of the wild lettuce (a.k.a opium lettuce). Lactuca virosa and lactuca serriola are shown. Lactucarium can be extracted from these plants. Enjoy the video.  ...  (+ info)

Wild Lettuce - Lactuca virosa:

Wild Lettuce - Lactuca virosa Uncle Steve details this plant that he chose by the parking lot of the Low River Bridge Access in Montgomery County, North Carolina: Wild Lettuce Lactuca...  ...  (+ info)

Lactuca Virosa or Crepis Japonica? - Submitted for Identification/Reference:

DO not eat any plants seeds or flowers unless you are absolutely sure they are edible and how to prepare . The "wild lettuces" three main species of this group are Lactuca Virosa, Lactuca...  ...  (+ info)

Lactuca Virosa???:

Wild Lettuce, Lactuca Virosa, Lechuga Salvaje, Laitue Vireuse???. I need some help, I found them in my backyard n' I can't identify 'em. It has a milky fluid (Latex) when i break a leaf.  ...  (+ info)

Wild lettuce extraction bubbling, Prickly lettuce, Lactuca virosa:

The bubbling pot is Wild Lettuce extraction. once a protocol to isolate a 75% or more pure concentrate is achieved the entire extraction process will be full of bubbles and exquisite activity....  ...  (+ info)

Wild Lettuce, Prickly Lettuce: Lactuca virosa: stems in extraction solvent:

The video image shows Wild Lettuce stems being extracted in acidified water, About 1/2 cup of 5% distilled vinegar is added to every gallon of water to acidify it. The stems and leaves are...  ...  (+ info)

El dulce y armónico canto del Grillo Italiano (Oecanthus pellucens) sobre Lactuca Virosa.:

Al regreso de el típico paseo o ruta de cada tarde por el campo, acompañado de mi hermando perruno Diego.. ya casi en la totalidad de la noche y cerca de casa, intercepté algunos grillos...  ...  (+ info)

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