98 Ford Explorer Lower Ball Joint Replacement:

Replacing the lower ball joints for beginners, this was the first time I have ever done this. It wasn't all that hard but it was time consuming.  ...  (+ info)

How To replace Ford Explorer Ball Joints:

How to replace upper and lower ball joints on a 99 Ford Explorer.  ...  (+ info)

Ford explorer How to replace upper ball joint:

In this video I go over the steps I use to replace the upper control arm and ball joint on a 2004 ford explorer sport track this process is the same on many ...  ...  (+ info)

How to Replace a Lower Ball Joint (short, quick version):

Replacing Lower Control Arm/Ball Joint, Ball Joint Press, Ball Joint Replacement, Lower Ball Joint, Lower Control Arm Ball Joint, Ford Lower Ball Joint Repla...  ...  (+ info)

Upper control arm/ball joint replacement 2004 Ford Explorer 4.0L:

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)  ...  (+ info)

Replacing Ford ranger ball joints:

This is how I replaced my Ford ranger, 2wd 3L, ball joints. Keep in mind I'm not a professional mechanic. If you do this on your own; do so at your own risk.  ...  (+ info)

How to : Replace Ball Joints on a Ford Ranger:

This automotive instructional video takes you through the complete process of replacing upper and lower ball joints on a 2000 model Ford Ranger. This video c...  ...  (+ info)

2003 Ford Ranger Ball joint and Control Arm Repair Part 1: Lower Ball Joint:

Http://www.apdty.com/Dorman_ControlArm_ranger-explorer.wws Click the above link to find the Ball Joint for your vehicle. In this video we'll show you how to ...  ...  (+ info)

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