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Walking For First Time Without Help Bilateral Amputee Stumps:

Sub n follow my journey back to normality! i will walk again!!!!  ...  (+ info)

Bilateral Amputee Physio Session 'Me Walking' Amputee Stumps Amputation Amputated Stump:

Me Learning To Walk With My Practise Legs Rocker Pylons! Please SUBSCRIBE AND HELP ME ON MY JOURNEY SUBS = CONFIDENCE NO LIE! =) SUPPORT ME =)  ...  (+ info)

Below Knee Amputee walking on leveled surface:

Mr. Chandan met with a RTA & lost his right leg. After 3 months of amputation he was fitted with Jaipur foot but he was not satisfied with it as he wanted to...  ...  (+ info)

Nothing Shall Be Impossible - "Lee Vaden - double amputee":

Lee lives with Diabetes. A disease that took both of his legs. Today is the day he gets a second chance to walk. His favorite thing to do is take long walks....  ...  (+ info)

Haitian Amputee Walking on Below Knee Prosthetic Leg:

This man is doing remarkably well since his prosthetic leg was refit! POA was able to fit six Haitian amputees with new prosthetic legs during the week they ...  ...  (+ info)

Amputee women 2013 Double amputee marine walks on new legs:

Extra Tags: amputee women 2014 amputee rehabilitation amputee girl amputee woman amputee women amputation wheelchair amputee lady amputee man amputee athlete...  ...  (+ info)

Double Amputee Embraces New Potential:

Five months after a serious life-changing accident, Aaron Holm was fitted for his battery powered, microprocessor controlled prosthetics. He was walking a mo...  ...  (+ info)

Amputee Exercise - Prone Hip Extension - Below Knee:

Exercise for amputees that strengthens the gluteal (butt) muscles. This will help with sit to stand transfers or getting up out of a chair. They also help wa...  ...  (+ info)

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