Isabella Bennett Transition MtF VBlog #2 - 1 month and 1 week on Hormones:

About a month on hormones. Lets check in!  ...  (+ info)

1 Week on Hormones!! MTF (HRT) My First Period?| Raiden Quinn:

MY LINKS♡ ❤Vlog Channel: ❤Gaming Channel: ❤TWITTER: ...  ...  (+ info)

22 My Transition -- Life After 1 year 9 Months on HRT - Hormones --- Transgender HRT:

Video Taken May 25th, 2013 -- That is right, it is my Birthday Today -- 1year and 9months after I started HRT / HORMONES, and it is all good. I discuss some details about the up coming SRS/GRS...  ...  (+ info)

MTF male to female(no hormones so far):

  ...  (+ info)

My Daily Makeup Routine - Week 1 Update for MTF Transition:

A snapshot of my basic makeup rituals and an "everyday" outfit. As for technique let me say now I am not a makeup "guru"...this is just how I do things :). P... Hey all you gluten buns Like...  ...  (+ info)

Julia Serano: "Autogynephilia" & psychological sexualization of MtF transgenderism:

Http:// 2009: Transgender History in the Making! Julia Serano presents: "Autogynephilia" and the psychological sexualization.  ...  (+ info)

Memories of a School: First Grade (MtF Transition Blog 9):

I had to wait an entire week before the temperature got to be below 90F and wasn't dark by the time it did ( ._.) This the second episode in the series "Memories of a School". I will reminisce...  ...  (+ info)

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men by Dr. Howard Liebowitz:

Http:// - Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men by Dr. Howard Liebowitz and Randy Alvarez on the Wellness Hour. Dr. Liebowitz was trained in Internal Medicine at USC,...  ...  (+ info)

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