MtF Transition Journey Continues-2012:

2012 was a busy social year of dances, drag shows, Halloween parties, theme nights & dates and of course working, family & friends. A few friends slipped a w...  ...  (+ info)

22 My Transition -- Life After 1 year 9 Months on HRT - Hormones --- Transgender HRT:

Video Taken May 25th, 2013 -- That is right, it is my Birthday Today -- 1year and 9months after I started HRT / HORMONES, and it is all good. I discuss some ...  ...  (+ info)

Cate McGregor (MTF) Lieutenant-Colonel en Australie 1/2:

Cette vidéo appartient à l'émission "One plus one" et à la télévision australienne. No profit made.  ...  (+ info)

HRT Vlog - Week Three:

I might start posting blog posts if people are wondering how my transition is going emotionally/mentally. It's admittedly difficult for me to vocalize my fee...  ...  (+ info)

6 Weeks on HORMONES Part 1: Breast & HAIR!!!:

I am a transgender woman and this is an update video of how the past 6 weeks on hormones have been for me. This is Part 1 of a 2 Part video. This video focus...  ...  (+ info)

MtF acceptance and HRT:

Via YouTube Capture.  ...  (+ info)

14 - My Transition -- Life After 13 Months Hormones --- Transgender HRT:

Video Taken September 25th, 2012 -- 13 months on hormones / HRT --- changes have become sparse and non-noticeable -- however changes with my personality, con...  ...  (+ info)

18 My Transition Life After 1 year 5 Months Hormones Transgender HRT:

Video Taken January 25th, 2013 -- Yes I was without internet. but I still made my video --- its important to make these videos -- that way I can look at my o...  ...  (+ info)

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