Clinicians studying rare brain tumours around the world connect through new ...
These rare brain tumours in children are also collectively known as embryonal tumours that include primitive neuroectodermal tumours (PNETs) and atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumours (ATRTs). They are estimated to make up five to 10 per cent of malignant ... (press release) (blog) - Thu, 28 Apr 2016 13:48

Fundraiser to benefit student with cancer
In January of 2015, Tyler's parents learned their son's mass on his neck was a fast-growing primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) or Ewing's sarcoma. At the time the family was optimistic for recovery as Tyler's PNET was localized and was shrinking.
Beloit Daily News - Fri, 08 Apr 2016 14:03

MBVX: Phase 1 Clinical Trial of HuMab-5B1 Gets Underway…
This income is derived from the $1.5 million Phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract with the National Cancer Institute for developing HuMab-5B1 as an imaging agent in pancreatic cancer. .... Officer and former Head of the Laboratory of ...
Yahoo News - Thu, 07 Apr 2016 11:00

Altered neuronal network and rescue in a human MECP2 duplication model
Fixed tumor was embedded in paraffin and sections of 5 μm thickness were made using microtome for histological studies. The tissue sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin and analyzed for the presence of the different germ layer tissues. - Tue, 08 Sep 2015 00:52

Head-shaving event raises money for Hamburg boy
This year they raised $37,000 to help Malaki Thomas, a young 9-year-old diagnosed with a rare Primitive neuroectodermal brain tumor. St. Baldrick's organizer Alison Bannon said they had hoped Malaki could have attended all the festivities on Saturday, ...
The Advertiser News South - Fri, 01 Apr 2016 11:37

Human Brain Tissue Grown in Test Tubes
“We modified an established approach to generate so-called neuroectoderm, a cell layer from which the nervous system derives,” explained Jürgen Knoblich, Ph.D., IMBA's deputy scientific director, during a press conference. “Fragments of this tissue ...
Genetic Engineering News - Wed, 28 Aug 2013 10:11

Where Does Immuno-Oncology Fit in a Value-Based Care Delivery Model?
Clinical observations have created challenges to longstanding research paradigms, as phenomenon like “pseudoprogression” complicate the response evaluation criteria in solid tumors during trial design. .... the activity of CAR-T cell treatment in a ... Managed Markets Network - Fri, 05 Feb 2016 07:33

SKLB-677, an FLT3 and Wnt/β-catenin signaling inhibitor, displays potent ...
It displays potent anti-cancer activity in models of FLT3-driven AML and considerable inhibitory ability to leukemia stem-like cells or leukemia-initiating cells (LICs) in Hoechst side population (SP) assays and long-term culture initiating cell (LTC ... - Mon, 26 Oct 2015 02:41

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