Salvage of Failed THA With Proximal Femoral Replacement
The new generation of proximal femoral replacements is modular and allows different resection lengths to restore better limb length and soft tissue tension. Improved coatings promote osseointegration of the retained proximal host bone to the prosthesis ...
Healio - Wed, 08 Oct 2014 22:25

Second Cancer: For Many, It's the Price of Survival
In the CCSS, the largest study in history focused on childhood cancer survivors, investigators enrolled 14,359 children diagnosed between 1970 and 1986 with leukemia, lymphoma, neuroblastoma, and CNS, bone, soft-tissue and kidney cancers. Now, these ...
Clinical Oncology News - Thu, 18 Sep 2014 06:14

Scrotal Schwannoma: A Case Report
Ultrasonography revealed an intrascrotal, extratesticular, soft-tissue mass without local invasion. The mass was ... A schwannoma is a benign, encapsulated neoplasm that is derived from the Schwann cells of the nerve sheath. The exact incidence of ...
UroToday - Sat, 20 Sep 2014 13:03


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