Back injuries the most common and costliest in the workplace
The study commissioned by Konekt,‚Äč a workplace health injuries consultancy, found that employees most likely to return to work are females aged 39 and under who are referred for treatment within two weeks of a physical injury, not including a back injury.
Sydney Morning Herald - Thu, 28 May 2015 20:00

49ers slowly bouncing back from 2014 injury bug
The 49ers were a remarkably healthy team in 2011. In the ensuing seasons, however, the injury bug bit deeper and deeper into the roster until the point last year when 15 players ended the season on injured reserve. Even more players ended the season on ...
Sacramento Bee - Tue, 26 May 2015 10:40

Looking back at USC baseball: Injuries, intangibles, and an RPI too low to ...
Injuries. Some may view this as an excuse, but in USC's case, it was undoubtedly a reality. The loss of Wil Crowe to a torn elbow ligament which required Tommy John surgery was a severe blow to the Gamecocks' starting rotation, which wasn't exactly ...
Charleston Post Courier - Tue, 26 May 2015 10:52

Seal suffers horrific injuries in an apparent shark attack and is too ...
Maritime rescue group ORRCA spokeswoman Shona Lorigan confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that the seal had suffered a serious wound injury to its flank as a result of a shark bite. 'The wound looks awful and is very serious,' she said. 'However, the ...
Daily Mail - Thu, 28 May 2015 04:34

Active teens at risk for back injuries
The injury can occur on the left, the right, or both sides of the vertebrae. Spondylolysis occurs in up to 11.5 percent of the population in the U.S. and is most frequently seen in young males. It's a common cause of low back pain experienced in late ...
St. George Daily Spectrum - Mon, 18 May 2015 11:50

Mets, David Wright, seeking help for back injury in California
So David Wright flew to California with a bad back not so much to get a another medical opinion as to get physical therapy? That's not quite like putting Ryan Church on a cross-country flight with a concussion, as the Mets once did to famously poor ...
New York Daily News - Mon, 25 May 2015 21:49

Mets injury update: David Wright shut down for another week
Amazin' Avenue - Sat, 23 May 2015 11:33

Mets await word on status of injured 3B Wright
4029tv - Mon, 25 May 2015 22:15

Those stories that Freddie Gray had a preexisting spinal injury are totally bogus
It's still not clear what happened to Freddie Gray. Was he hurt during his arrest? Was he attacked by police in the back of that Baltimore Police Department van? Or did he try to injure himself, as documents obtained Tuesday by The Washington Post suggest?
Washington Post - Wed, 29 Apr 2015 23:45

Freddie Gray Suffered 'Catastrophic Injury' When He Slammed Into Back of ... - Thu, 30 Apr 2015 13:10

Report: Freddie Gray sustained injury in back of police van
CNN - Wed, 29 Apr 2015 23:21

Could Freddie Gray have severed his own spine in a Baltimore police van? It's ...
New York Daily News - Thu, 30 Apr 2015 10:36

Freddie Gray suffered fatal 'injury when he fell head first in police van'
Daily Mail - Thu, 30 Apr 2015 08:57

Law enforcement sources say Freddie Gray suffered head injury in police ...
WJLA - Thu, 30 Apr 2015 12:14

Car plunges down embankment after I-5 crash; 6 injured in 2 cars
Four people were in the car, and two of them were critically injured - including one with a serious back injury. The other two sustained less serious injuries, and one of them was able to crawl out of the car and back up to the freeway. A heavy rescue ...
KOMO News - Thu, 28 May 2015 08:45

Two-car crash involving 8 teens; one went down embankment
KIRO Seattle - Thu, 28 May 2015 11:54

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