atrophy and shriveling of the skin of the vulva that is characterized by the whitish LICHEN SCLEROSUS appearance, inflammation, and pruritus.


Epithelial <b>Vulvar</b> Disease

Epithelial Vulvar Disease

Penile <b>Lichen Sclerosus</b>:

Penile Lichen Sclerosus:



<b>Lichen sclerosus</b> - high mag.

Lichen sclerosus - high mag.

Long-standing lesions in <b>vulva</b>

Long-standing lesions in vulva

<b>Vulvar</b> Dystrophy - <b>Lichen</b>

Vulvar Dystrophy - Lichen

Histology of <b>lichen sclerosus</b>

Histology of lichen sclerosus

Epithelial <b>Vulvar</b> Disease

Epithelial Vulvar Disease

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