The largest lymphatic vessel that passes through the chest and drains into the subclavian vein.


<b>thoracic duct</b> drains 580x664

thoracic duct drains 580x664

<b>thoracic duct</b> canine 580x430

thoracic duct canine 580x430

(<b>Thoracic duct</b> is thin

(Thoracic duct is thin

<b>thoracic duct</b> on ct

thoracic duct on ct

the <b>thoracic</b> pump in the

the thoracic pump in the

<b>thoracic duct</b> drains

thoracic duct drains

<b>thoracic duct</b> and cisterna

thoracic duct and cisterna

<b>thoracic duct</b> and right

thoracic duct and right

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