Mammalian pigment cells that produce MELANINS, pigments found mainly in the epidermis, but also in the eyes and the hair, by a process called melanogenesis. Coloration can be altered by the number of melanocytes or the amount of pigment produced and stored in the organelles called MELANOSOMES. The large non-mammalian melanin-containing cells are called MELANOPHORES.


1)Un <b>mélanocyte</b> humain observé

1)Un mélanocyte humain observé

Melanocytes are cells of

Melanocytes are cells of

1 - Le <b>mélanocyte</b> et l'unité

1 - Le mélanocyte et l'unité

Les <b>mélanocytes</b> sont localisés

Les mélanocytes sont localisés

<b>mélanocytes</b> synthétisent

mélanocytes synthétisent

3D rendering of a <b>melanocyte</b>

3D rendering of a melanocyte

La peau et le <b>mélanocyte</b>

La peau et le mélanocyte

<b>Melanocyte</b> and melanin.

Melanocyte and melanin.

Symptômes et diagnostics



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