The club-moss plant family of the order Lycopodiales, class Lycopodiopsida, division Lycopodiophyta, subkingdom tracheobionta. The common name of clubmoss applies to several genera of this family. Despite the name this is not one of the true mosses (bryopsida).


<b>Lycopodiaceae</b> Pseudodiphasium

Lycopodiaceae Pseudodiphasium

Lycopodium complanatum

Lycopodium complanatum

Illustrated Key To

Illustrated Key To

(<b>Lycopodiaceae</b>) detail.jpg

(Lycopodiaceae) detail.jpg

Image of <b>Lycopodiaceae</b>

Image of Lycopodiaceae

(<b>Lycopodiaceae</b>) by JVPD

(Lycopodiaceae) by JVPD



[<b>Lycopodiaceae</b>] Lycopodium

[Lycopodiaceae] Lycopodium

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