Translocation of body fluids from one compartment to another, such as from the vascular to the interstitial compartments. fluid shifts are associated with profound changes in vascular permeability and water-electrolyte imbalance. The shift can also be from the lower body to the upper body as in conditions of weightlessness.


Body <b>fluid shifts</b> during

Body fluid shifts during

Body <b>fluid shifts</b> during

Body fluid shifts during

Hydrostatic and colloid

Hydrostatic and colloid

27-4 <b>Fluid Shifts</b> between

27-4 Fluid Shifts between

Effects of <b>fluid shifts</b> in

Effects of fluid shifts in

Cephalad <b>fluid shifts</b> due to

Cephalad fluid shifts due to

account for <b>fluid shifts</b>

account for fluid shifts

<b>fluid shifts</b>

fluid shifts

Symptoms and diagnosis



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