cytochromes (electron-transporting proteins) in which the heme prosthetic group is heme a, i.e., the iron chelate of cytoporphyrin IX. (From Enzyme Nomenclature, 1992, p539)


Only heme c is covalently

Only heme c is covalently

heme prosthetic <b>group</b> that

heme prosthetic group that

in <b>cytochrome</b> oxidase is

in cytochrome oxidase is

Examples of P450 substrates

Examples of P450 substrates

<b>Cytochromes</b> were first

Cytochromes were first

Heme C

Heme C

<b>group</b> of <b>cytochrome</b> c is

group of cytochrome c is

<b>Cytochrome</b> c is instead a

Cytochrome c is instead a

Symptoms and diagnosis



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