cytochromes (electron-transporting proteins) in which the heme prosthetic group is heme a, i.e., the iron chelate of cytoporphyrin IX. (From Enzyme Nomenclature, 1992, p539)


heme prosthetic <b>group</b> that

heme prosthetic group that

Information on <b>Cytochrome</b> c

Information on Cytochrome c

The folded state of <b>cytochrome</b>

The folded state of cytochrome

oxidase, <b>cytochrome</b> bc1

oxidase, cytochrome bc1

Heme C

Heme C

Axial ligands in <b>cytochrome</b> c

Axial ligands in cytochrome c



The Bren <b>group</b> uses

The Bren group uses

Therapeutic use



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