Chagas disease
(Trypanosomiasis, South American)

infection with the protozoan parasite trypanosoma cruzi, a form of trypanosomiasis endemic in Central and south america. It is named after the Brazilian physician Carlos Chagas, who discovered the parasite. infection by the parasite (positive serologic result only) is distinguished from the clinical manifestations that develop years later, such as destruction of PARASYMPATHETIC ganglia; chagas cardiomyopathy; and dysfunction of the esophagus or colon.


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<b>Chagas disease</b> - Wikipedia

Chagas disease - Wikipedia

<b>Chagas disease</b> - Wikipedia

Chagas disease - Wikipedia

Biology of <b>Chagas</b>' <b>Disease</b>

Biology of Chagas' Disease

Heard of <b>Chagas disease</b>?

Heard of Chagas disease?

"Acute <b>Chagas Disease</b> in a

"Acute Chagas Disease in a

<b>Chagas disease</b> at present,

Chagas disease at present,

<b>Chagas</b>' <b>Disease</b>

Chagas' Disease

History of <b>Chagas disease</b>

History of Chagas disease

Diagnosis and therapies



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