Axonal transport
(Axoplasmic Flow; Axoplasmic Transport)

The directed transport of organelles and molecules along nerve cell axons. Transport can be anterograde (from the cell body) or retrograde (toward the cell body). (Alberts et al., molecular biology of the Cell, 3d ed, pG3)


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Figure 2 | <b>Axonal transport</b>
Figure 2 | Axonal transport

<b>Axonal transport</b> and
Axonal transport and

In neurons, the <b>axon</b> acts as a
In neurons, the axon acts as a

The word “<b>axonal transport</b>”
The word “axonal transport

Overall, <b>axonal transport</b>
Overall, axonal transport

<b>axonal transport</b> system.
axonal transport system.

<b>Axoplasmic Transport</b> of
Axoplasmic Transport of

<b>Axoplasmic transport</b>
Axoplasmic transport

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