Atrophy of the optic disk which may be congenital or acquired. This condition indicates a deficiency in the number of nerve fibers which arise in the RETINA and converge to form the OPTIC DISK; OPTIC NERVE; OPTIC CHIASM; and optic tracts. GLAUCOMA; ISCHEMIA; inflammation, a chronic elevation of intracranial pressure, toxins, optic nerve compression, and inherited conditions (see OPTIC ATROPHIES, HEREDITARY) are relatively common causes of this condition.


<b><b>Atrophie Optique</b>

<b>Atrophie Optique

<b>Atrophie optique</b>.jpg (11620

Atrophie optique.jpg (11620

4- <b>atrophie optique</b>

4- atrophie optique

In treating glaucoma we can

In treating glaucoma we can

de l'<b>atrophie optique</b>

de l'atrophie optique

L'<b>atrophie optique</b>

L'atrophie optique

<b>atrophie optique</b>

atrophie optique

dont l'<b>Atrophie Optique</b>

dont l'Atrophie Optique

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