One of two groups of viruses in the arenavirus genus and considered part of the New World complex. It includes junin virus; pichinde virus; Amapari virus, and Machupo virus among others. They are the cause of human hemorrhagic fevers mostly in Central and south america.


Map Arenavirusses <b>New World</b>.

Map Arenavirusses New World.

Phylogeny of <b>New World</b>

Phylogeny of New World

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FIG. 4.

FIG. 4.

<b>World arenavirus</b> species.

World arenavirus species.

Viruses 04 00083 g001 1024

Viruses 04 00083 g001 1024

degli <b>Arenavirus</b> nel Nuovo

degli Arenavirus nel Nuovo

Old and <b>New World Arenaviruses</b>

Old and New World Arenaviruses

Symptoms and diagnosis



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