Venoms produced by the wasp (Vespid) family of stinging insects, including hornets; the venoms contain enzymes, biogenic amines, histamine releasing factors, kinins, toxic polypeptides, etc., and are similar to bee venoms.


In general, paper <b>wasp venoms</b>

In general, paper wasp venoms

Bee and <b>wasp venom</b>

Bee and wasp venom

from <b>wasp</b> and bee <b>venoms</b>

from wasp and bee venoms

lab on <b>wasp venoms</b> were

lab on wasp venoms were

<b>Wasp</b> Stinger Can Inject <b>Venom</b>

Wasp Stinger Can Inject Venom

<b>wasp</b> stings. The <b>venom</b> is

wasp stings. The venom is



of <b>Venoms</b> Test Algorithm

of Venoms Test Algorithm

Symptoms and diagnosis



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