(Theca Cell Tumor)

A gonadal stromal neoplasm composed only of theca cells, occurring mostly in the postmenopausal ovary. It is filled with lipid-containing spindle cells and produces estrogens that can lead to endometrial hyperplasia; uterine hemorrhage; or other malignancies in postmenopausal women and sexual precocity in girls. When tumors containing theca cells also contain fibroblasts, they are identified as thecoma-fibroma tumors with less active hormone production.


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<b>Thecoma</b> high mag.jpg
Thecoma high mag.jpg

Ovary : <b>Thecoma</b>
Ovary : Thecoma

3rd area of <b>Thecoma</b> of the
3rd area of Thecoma of the

<b>Thecoma</b> of the ovary
Thecoma of the ovary

Luteinized <b>Thecoma</b> of Ovary
Luteinized Thecoma of Ovary


Ovary : <b>Thecoma</b>
Ovary : Thecoma

Luteinized Ovarian <b>Thecoma</b> in
Luteinized Ovarian Thecoma in

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