The paired bundles of nerve fibers entering and leaving the spinal cord at each segment. The dorsal and ventral nerve roots join to form the mixed segmental spinal nerves. The dorsal roots are generally afferent, formed by the central projections of the spinal (dorsal root) ganglia sensory cells, and the ventral roots efferent, comprising the axons of spinal motor and autonomic preganglionic neurons. There are, however, some exceptions to this afferent/efferent rule.


Relation of <b>Spinal Nerve Roots</b>

Relation of Spinal Nerve Roots

Relation Of <b>Spinal Nerve Roots</b>

Relation Of Spinal Nerve Roots

of the <b>spinal nerve roots</b>

of the spinal nerve roots

As <b>spinal nerves</b> branch out to

As spinal nerves branch out to

Cauda Equina. "

Cauda Equina. "

the <b>spinal nerves</b> as they

the spinal nerves as they

Selective <b>Nerve Root</b> Block

Selective Nerve Root Block

<b>Spinal</b> Cord: <b>Nerve Roots</b>

Spinal Cord: Nerve Roots

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