Scent Glands

exocrine glands in animals which secrete scents which either repel or attract other animals, e.g. perianal glands of skunks, anal glands of weasels, musk glands of foxes, ventral glands of wood rats, and dorsal glands of peccaries.


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<b>Scent gland</b>
Scent gland

The <b>scent glands</b> of Syrian
The scent glands of Syrian

<b>Scent gland</b> close-up.
Scent gland close-up.

the skin <b>glands</b> which are
the skin glands which are

031208ASingapore Toa Payoh
031208ASingapore Toa Payoh

White Tail Deer <b>Scent Gland</b>
White Tail Deer Scent Gland

<b>scent glands</b> against bush
scent glands against bush

mimic showing <b>scent glands</b>
mimic showing scent glands

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