(Mange, Sarcoptic)

A contagious cutaneous inflammation caused by the bite of the mite sarcoptes scabiei. It is characterized by pruritic papular eruptions and burrows and affects primarily the axillae, elbows, wrists, and genitalia, although it can spread to cover the entire body.


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Can a <b>scabies</b> infestation be
Can a scabies infestation be

<b>Scabies</b> or bed bugs?
Scabies or bed bugs?

Crusted <b>scabies</b>
Crusted scabies

<b>Scabies</b> Rash
Scabies Rash

Treat & Cure <b>Scabies</b> at Home
Treat & Cure Scabies at Home

Picture of <b>Scabies</b> 3
Picture of Scabies 3

<b>Scabies</b> is a skin infection
Scabies is a skin infection

Is it a <b>scabies</b> rash?
Is it a scabies rash?

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Comments on "scabies"

  • HELP! I'm not exhibiting the "classic" signs, nor is my rash in the "classic" places of the body. I haven't come into contact with anyone who has it, and my husband shows no signs at ALL! How could this be? I just can't accept that it's...  (+)
  • what are the chances of re-infecting yourself if you didnt wash the sheets after the perithium 5% cream treatment?  (+)
  • I just found out I have scabies. My family and I have been treated before but now I have an infant who is only 2 weeks old. I am very skeptical about rubbing an insecticide on him. Is permethrin cream safe for babies that young?  (+)
  • my 2 month old has scabies and i jus found out. he has had it for a month now and i have not caught the disease nor my one year old. How is that possible  (+)
  • Hi, I just found out that I have scabies, and I have a son. He doesn't have them and I want to keep it that way. How can I make sure he doesn't get them? I am seriously freaking out because I have NO idea how I came into contact with this...It's on my sto...  (+)
  • Can i spread scabies by touching things ? How often do i have to clean my bedsheet . Can i get scabies on my face ? This is my first time , how long would this last ? Me and my boyfriend live in the same house sleep on the same bed , BOTH Has it , but his ...  (+)
  • and how long should i leave those clothes out side? am i still infected?  (+)
  • hey, on my flight to phoenix i met a junkie on his way home from rehab and was supporting him on his way home... turned out he had been asked to leave the program due to his scabies and used as soon as he got home. no good deed goes unpunished. i was fly...  (+)
  • once i have put on the NIX ointment am i still contagious after i have put it on or after the 12 hours? can i be around people or interact with others?  (+)

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