Gram-negative rods widely distributed in lizards and snakes, and implicated in enteric, bone (bone diseases), and joint infections (joint diseases) in humans.


Infection Caused by <b>Salmonella</b>

Infection Caused by Salmonella

<b>Salmonella arizonae</b> on XLD 1

Salmonella arizonae on XLD 1

<b>Salmonella arizonae</b> O:59 -

Salmonella arizonae O:59 -

<b>Salmonella</b> - CreationWiki

Salmonella - CreationWiki

<b>Salmonella arizonae</b>

Salmonella arizonae

<b>Salmonella</b> enterica subsp.

Salmonella enterica subsp.

<b>Salmonella Arizonae</b>

Salmonella Arizonae



Symptoms and diagnosis



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