Complex compounds in which a dumbbell shaped molecule is encircled by a macrocycle. They are named after rota (wheel) and axis (axle). Notation with a prefix is used to indicate the number of interlocked components. They have potential use in nanotechnology. rotaxanes have been made with cyclodextrins and CYCLIC ethers.


of a <b>rotaxane</b> with an

of a rotaxane with an



<b>Rotaxane</b> synthesis can be

Rotaxane synthesis can be

The [2]<b>rotaxane</b> is formed in

The [2]rotaxane is formed in

Crystal structure of <b>rotaxane</b>

Crystal structure of rotaxane

Figure 4

Figure 4

bistable neutral <b>rotaxane</b>.

bistable neutral rotaxane.



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