Riboflavin Deficiency
(Vitamin B 2 Deficiency; Vitamin B2 Deficiency)

A dietary deficiency of riboflavin causing a syndrome chiefly marked by cheilitis, angular stomatitis, glossitis associated with a purplish red or magenta-colored tongue that may show fissures, corneal vascularization, dyssebacia, and anemia. (Dorland, 27th ed)


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<b>Riboflavin deficiency</b> mostly
Riboflavin deficiency mostly

of <b>riboflavin deficiency</b>
of riboflavin deficiency

<b>riboflavin deficiency</b>.
riboflavin deficiency.

<b>riboflavin deficiency</b>
riboflavin deficiency

<b>Vitamin B2</b> more commonly known
Vitamin B2 more commonly known

B2 (<b>riboflavin</b>) <b>deficiency</b>
B2 (riboflavin) deficiency

part of the body in a
part of the body in a

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RiboflavinPathogen reduction using riboflavin and UV lightProkaryotic riboflavin biosynthesis proteinRiboflavin phosphotransferaseRiboflavin kinaseFAD-oxidaseC20orf54Adipic acidAdipic acid dihydrazideFOXRED1

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