Respiratory Sounds
(Breathing Sounds; Lung Sounds; Pleural Rub; Rales; Rhonchi; Stridor; Wheezing; Crackles)

Noises, normal and abnormal, heard on auscultation over any part of the RESPIRATORY TRACT.


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<b>breath sounds</b> in accordance
breath sounds in accordance

<b>Respiratory Sounds</b>
Respiratory Sounds

Heart and <b>breath sounds</b>:
Heart and breath sounds:

<b>Breath Sounds</b> Free Practice
Breath Sounds Free Practice

Listening to <b>breath sounds</b>
Listening to breath sounds

of analyzing <b>breath sounds</b>
of analyzing breath sounds

abnormal <b>breath sounds</b>
abnormal breath sounds

Assessment of <b>Breath Sounds</b>
Assessment of Breath Sounds

Diagnosis and therapies



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