Complete or severe weakness of the muscles of respiration. This condition may be associated with MOTOR NEURON DISEASES; PERIPHERAL NERVE DISEASES; neuromuscular junction diseases; spinal cord diseases; injury to the phrenic nerve; and other disorders.


<b><b>respiratory paralysis</b></b>

<b>respiratory paralysis</b>

Overview of the <b>Respiratory</b>

Overview of the Respiratory

Diaphragmatic <b>paralysis</b> caused

Diaphragmatic paralysis caused

predominately <b>respiratory</b>

predominately respiratory

D68 mysterious <b>respiratory</b>

D68 mysterious respiratory

File photo courtesy NBC

File photo courtesy NBC

weakness and <b>paralysis</b> in

weakness and paralysis in

of <b>respiratory</b> illnesses.

of respiratory illnesses.

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