An absence or deficiency in protein c which leads to impaired regulation of blood coagulation. It is associated with an increased risk of severe or premature thrombosis. (Stedman's Med. Dict., 26th ed.)


<b>Protein C</b> is activated by the

Protein C is activated by the

is a <b>deficiency</b> of one of

is a deficiency of one of

<b>Protein C Deficiency</b>

Protein C Deficiency

Where is <b>protein C deficiency</b>

Where is protein C deficiency

The <b>protein C</b> pathway.

The protein C pathway.

<b>Protein</b> <b>C</b> Type I.JPG

Protein C Type I.JPG

<b>Protein C deficiency</b>

Protein C deficiency

<b>Protein C deficiency</b> is

Protein C deficiency is

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