Surgical construction of an opening or window in the pericardium. It is often called subxiphoid pericardial window technique.


<b>Pericardial window</b>

Pericardial window

<b>Pericardial Window Techniques</b>

Pericardial Window Techniques

SPW <b>technique</b> (Figure 2).

SPW technique (Figure 2).

<b>Pericardial Window</b> *

Pericardial Window *

Grocott, and BH <b>techniques</b>

Grocott, and BH techniques

<b>pericardial window</b>

pericardial window

After the creation of <b>window</b>,

After the creation of window,

<b>pericardial window</b>,

pericardial window,

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