Perceptual Disorders
(Hemispatial Neglect)

Cognitive disorders characterized by an impaired ability to perceive the nature of objects or concepts through use of the sense organs. These include spatial neglect syndromes, where an individual does not attend to visual, auditory, or sensory stimuli presented from one side of the body.


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The Visual-<b>Perceptual</b>-Motor
The Visual-Perceptual-Motor

from a vision <b>disorder</b>.
from a vision disorder.

<b>Perceptual Disorders</b>
Perceptual Disorders

Visual <b>Perceptual Disorders</b> in
Visual Perceptual Disorders in

<b>perceptual disorders</b>,
perceptual disorders,

type of visual-<b>perceptual</b>
type of visual-perceptual

and <b>perceptual disorders</b>.
and perceptual disorders.

Impact of Motor, Cognitive, and <b>Perceptual Disorders</b> on Ability to Perform
Impact of Motor, Cognitive, and Perceptual Disorders on Ability to Perform

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