inflammation of the underlying layer of adipose tissue (panniculus) of the peritoneum, usually of the mesentery or the omentum. There are several forms with various names and are usually characterized by infiltration of lymphocytes and neutrophils, fat necrosis, and fibrosis.


Primary <b>peritoneal</b> serous

Primary peritoneal serous

Mesenteric <b>panniculitis</b>

Mesenteric panniculitis

Figure 1

Figure 1

CT scan of the abdomen and

CT scan of the abdomen and

etiology of the <b>peritoneal</b>

etiology of the peritoneal

mesocolic <b>panniculitis</b>.

mesocolic panniculitis.

sites advertisement <b>panniculitis</b>, <b>peritoneal</b> (mesenteric <b>panniculitis</b>)

sites advertisement panniculitis, peritoneal (mesenteric panniculitis)

Figure 1: Axial contrast

Figure 1: Axial contrast

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