Nuchal Cord
(Fetal Cord Entanglement)

A complication of pregnancy in which the umbilical cord wraps around the fetal neck once or multiple times. In some cases, cord entanglement around fetal neck may not affect pregnancy outcome significantly. In others, the nuchal cord may lead to restricted fetal blood flow, oxygen transport, fetal development, fetal movement, and complicated delivery at birth.


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<b>Nuchal Cord</b>
Nuchal Cord

versus a Fetal <b>Nuchal Cord</b>
versus a Fetal Nuchal Cord

<b>Nuchal Cord</b> x 2 - 497072-01X
Nuchal Cord x 2 - 497072-01X

3-D image of <b>nuchal cord</b>
3-D image of nuchal cord

<b>nuchal cord</b> | Publish with
nuchal cord | Publish with

<b>Nuchal Cord</b> Reason For
Nuchal Cord Reason For

<b>Nuchal Cord</b> Injury by Rajeev
Nuchal Cord Injury by Rajeev

a double <b>nuchal cord</b> based
a double nuchal cord based

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  • my husband and i are both 22 very healthy and come from very healthy families, at our 12 week u/s they said the nuchal measurement was 5.3 which is very high and with the bloodwork put us at a 1:24 chance for ds. we did the cvs which came back fine. we ha...  (+)

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